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Autumn Term Notices


Year1 - Year 6 Parents' Consultations

Will commence Monday 17th October and Wednesday 19th October. Parents will be expected to choose their time slots anad confirm  as soon as possible.

We do hope you are able attended on these dates however if these dates are inconvenient, please contact the class teacher who will try arrange another time.

Look forward to seeing you

Thank you to all the parents who attended our phonic information meetings on 28th September.

Here are some of your comments:-

"Excellent workshop."  

"Really informative."

"Thank you, it will help alot for teaching at home."

"Well organised- like the interactive style."

Open days 

Is your child due to start Primary School in September 2017? Come along and see what we have to offer, have a look around our lovely school and meet our dedicated team.

Wednesday 9th November 10.00am

Thursday 10th November 1.30pm

Tuesday 15th November 6.00pm

  • Year 6 - residential to London (12th October-14th)
  • Non uniform day - 'speak out, stay safe,           wear GREEN for NSPCC' (14th October)
  • NSPCC workshop for Year 5 and Year 6 (20th October)

Something to look out for...

‘Lower School Reading Showcase’

Please join us for an exciting ‘Lower School Reading Showcase’ on Wednesday 5th October, 2016 at 9.00 in the School Hall. This event is for Year 1, 2 and 3. There will be a short but informative meeting in the hall where we will share what we do in class. We will also share ideas to encourage your child with reading at home. After that, you will be able to come and see reading activities and games with your child. 

Watch out for lots more exciting events next term...         

School Training Days

Training Days for the New Year                     31st October 2016

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Click on the link below to visit our eSafety page. This page gives parents and pupils helpful advice about how to stay safe online.

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     Welcome to Moor Allerton Hall

Our school has great children who bring a wide range of excellent experiences to share. You will find as you go round school that classes are full of friendly children who know how to learn together and look after each another. We believe working with families is essential, so we will keep parents & carers involved in their child’s learning. 

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What our children think...

"My son (in Year 1) rated his day at school on Monday as, "99 out of 100", he'd had such a great time: apparently only his birthday and Christmas Day would have scored more highly. Today was ranked an almost equally impressive "97". There have been no special events this week (Alien Day, World Book Day etc.), just regular school days. I wanted to feed back his glowing endorsement of MAH. As parents, we've been consistently impressed with the rate of his learning and development, but how fabulous that he's also enjoying himself so much along the way!" Year 1 Parent and Child

'As part of our School Council people tell us their ideas,' Asim.

'Our buddies at playtime are always around to help. If someone is upset, we try and play with them,' Ria.

'We have lots of trips. We went on an adventure to Malham Cove,' Aitzaz.

'Our topics are brilliant! In our 'Space' topic, we learnt about planets and astronauts,' Rayna.

'My favourite topic is the circus because one day our teachers dressed up as a clown,' Erin.

'We have our own amazing world wide library,' Krisha.

'I like the library because there are lots of books to choose from,' Amrit

Governors' Blog

         Blog by Pat Heron, Chair of Governors


Welcome to the new term at Moor Allerton Primary

Anyone in school this week must have delighted in the sight of our children enjoying the open space of the grassy areas as they played chase and tag, or whatever games are called these days. In the warm September sunshine there was much squealing and shouting and of course laughter. Taking my time to enjoy the moment, my attention was drawn to the newly installed climbing wall. Paid for by the marvellous fund raising efforts of our parents. I thought to myself that this is a lovely place for a child to spend their school days.

My business was with the Head. There is much to plan and organise, celebrate and develop. The new term in school is always a busy one. I was greeted with the information that our results for last year had improved again, that we have formed new local alliances with some of our neighbouring schools and that the school is full and buzzing.

Education is not always an easy place to work. At the moment there is much turbulence and a significant lack of clarity and direction. Politically the storm rages on. However in the capable hands of Ms McKay and her team we have a fantastic opportunity to turn things on their head for the benefit of our children. Our focus will continue to be on reading, writing and maths but within the context of the development of the whole child. As you may know, this is something that we are particularly good at and which we celebrate whenever we can.

Finally, a warm welcome to our new parents. If anyone is interested in becoming a governor or the work of the Governing Body, I would love to meet up with you. Your views are what shape the school and we need to hear them all.